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BIG APPLE COMIC CON @ Penn Plaza Pavilion NYC (April 13-15, 2018)

For over 20 years Big Apple Conventions (BACC) has presented the most outrageously fun comic and popular culture convention in New York City. Founded and owned by comic book maven Michael “Mike Carbo” Carbonaro in 1995, the show started at the auditorium of St Paul’s Church on 10th Ave. in Manhattan.

For the past 12 years, the BACC has occupied the Penn Plaza Pavilion across from Madison Square Garden.

The premier boutique comic and popular culture show in New York, chock full of celebrities, dealers, collectors, cosplayers, and folks out for a great time in the City.

Guests included stalwart, legendary silver age creators such as Romana Fradon (Aquaman, Super Friends, etc.), Neal Adams (Batman, Deadman, Ms. Mystic, Bucky Hare, etc.), Joe Giella (Flash, Green Lantern, Batman, etc.), Michael Golden (Micronauts, Doctor Strange, Batman, etc.), and Jim Steranko (Nick Fury, Captain America, etc.).

Through the central theme of comic books, the convention features a large range of pop culture elements including science fiction/fantasy, film/television, cosplay, animation, anime, manga, toys, horror, collectible card games, vinyl, video games, web comics, and fantasy novels.

Including panels, seminars, and workshops with professionals from various fields, the Big Apple Comic Con also featured previews of upcoming films, and a main event costume contest.

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