CMW 2018: The First Annual Toronto Vinyl Summit @ The Rec Room (May 9)

Music information guru Alan Cross hosted The First Annual Toronto Vinyl Summit, with notable vinyl aficionados Ivar Hamilton (VP Catalogue Universal Music Canada) and Akim Boldrieff (co-founder of the Toronto Downtown Records Show and Sonic Temple).


With sales of new vinyl in Canada up over 50% from last year, along with the traffic in used vinyl via record shops, record shows and online vendors continues to expand. It is a market and sales force that can’t be denied in the music sector.

The Agenda:

  • Tips and tricks when it comes to collecting vinyl.
  • How to grade and price used records.
  • Pitfalls to avoid when building a vinyl collection (and there are plenty).
  • What sort of records are worth collecting and which should be left alone.
  • Reps from Paradigm were there with a high-end audio unit so you can hear how good vinyl can sound.

Since it is Canadian Music Week (CMW), musical performances from Morgan Cameron Ross and Julian Taylor entertained the crowd with a couple of acoustic sets.


Alan, Ivar, & Akim also showed off a few of their most precious collectibles, including RUSH’s first album, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Miles Davis, etc. — a few smiles and gasps from the audience were definitely expressed.

With vinyl continuing it’s upward climb , can reel-to-reel be far behind?

Oops? Looks like Alan (again) has addressed this new trend …. 

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