NEW ORDER – North American Live 2018 @ Budweiser Stage (Aug 30, 2018)

Industrial bleak sombre synths, lifted by rhythmic machine-like drum beats that cut through the bleakness of sad, disparaging vocals.

New Order resonated with the many awkward of age to its vanguard, fringe-like depressing, but joyful melodies. While others superficially enjoyed the dance-like qualities of its time.

Visiting Toronto’s Budweiser Stage, it was another opportunity for many to relive “those days” of “edge”.


Funny enough (or sad), it seemed many attending were yearning for “those days”, which may explain the entitlement of future generations since “those days”.

Sombre and antiseptic, New Order touched upon many dance classics, “Bizarre Love Triangle”, “The Perfect Kiss”, “True Faith”, “Blue Monday” and “Temptation”.


Deeper tracks such as “Regret”, “Your Silent Face”, and “Vanishing Point” satisfied the many who possessed cassette or vinyl remixes “back in ‘da day”.


Perhaps spurned by former bandmate Peter Hook, New Order delved into the Joy Division catalogue.


Though, it’s up to debate of the diehards for justification of mining the late Ian Curtis’ legacy. (Visit our previous review of Peter Hook & The Light at the Danforth Music Hall, HERE…)

Playing “Disorder”, “Decades” and seminal punk-new wave anthem “Love Will Tear Us Apart”, New Order reminded the audience of its legacy with images of Joy Division founder Ian Curtis screened in the background.


Antiseptic? Pure? Nostalgic? Or, just anotherBlue Monday”?


  1. Singularity
  2. Regret
  3. Crystal
  4. Love Vigilantes
  5. Your Silent Face
  6. Superheated
  7. Tutti Frutti
  8. Subculture
  9. Bizarre Love Triangle
  10. Vanishing Point
  11. Waiting for the Sirens’ Call
  12. Plastic
  13. The Perfect Kiss
  14. True Faith
  15. Blue Monday
  16. Temptation



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