ROM SPEAKS: In Conversation with Kirk Hammett @ ROM (July 23, 2019)

On a red-eye from Russia, Metallica’s Kirk Hammett shared his obsession & dedication for classic horror and science fiction

“I got into the business of collecting horror, which is really not a business at all, a long time ago. I think it’s become my midnight calling or maybe my lifetime obsession. I guess some would say obsession, some may say occupation and others would say it’s just plain insanity,”

This otherworldly and imaginative exhibition features a trove of rare artwork and collectible objects amassed over decades by consummate collector Kirk Hammett, lead guitarist of Metallica.

“It is very exciting for me to have Toronto be the second stop on our quest to bring my collection to everyone who is genuinely interested in these horror movie posters, props, and memorabilia. Canada is a great country, Toronto is an amazing city, and I’m honored to be able to start crossing borders with my collection at the Royal Ontario Museum.”

t’s Alive! Classic Horror and Sci-Fi Art from the Kirk Hammett Art Collection features rare cinema posters from the 1920s to1980—including the only surviving copy of the original 1931 Frankenstein poster—as well as one-of-a-kind electric guitars from Hammett’s personal collection and authentic movie costumes with life-size mannequins.
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