THE ALARM: WORLD TOUR 2018 @ Horseshoe Tavern (Nov 15, 2018)

Image: Donald Lem + U360M

It has been over 33-years since The Alarm last visited Toronto.

After the original Lee’s Palace date was postponed in July, the faithful “Alarm Army” stood fast, lined up at the new venue, the legendary Horseshoe Tavern.


Not discouraged by the wet, cold snowy November night, the well-behaved (you’d be surprised by the behaviour recently at a few New Wave shows) attendees waited patiently past 9pm before entry to the Horseshoe.

Once lead singer Mike Peters stepped on stage, the 33-years-lost quickly dissipated with the audience singing along to opener “Blaze of Glory”.


The Cold wet snowy night did not discourage the audience from happily participating with Peters. Many were more than familiar with the songs and lyrics to songs such as “Tomorrow”, “Absolute Reality” and “Coming Backwards”.

Undeniably to all in attendance, was the pure, infectious joy Peters exhibited on stage.

Purely timeless, when “Rain in the Summertime” started, even enduring a slight sound technical issue, the audience never lost any momentum.

With punk, blues enthusiasm, songs such as “Sold Me Down The River”, “Spirit of 76”, “Marching On” and anthemic “Sixty Eight Guns” did not lose any urgency in its energy.


As the last stop of a 50-date North American Tour, Peters, wife Jules (keyboards), guitarist and drummer were no lost for energy.

Finishing with “ Neutral”, “Strength”, “Two Rivers” and a bluesy-punk-rocker sing-a-long finisher. 

The intimacy and vitality of The Alarm were still vibrant as ever with a promise of a 2019 return.



  • Love Hope and Strength
  • Neutral
  • Strength
  • Two Rivers






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