THE CULT * BUSH * STONE TEMPLE PILOTS * JULIEN-K – The Revolution 3 Tour @ Budweiser Stage (July 25, 2018)

Insane. Titanic. Explosive. Three popular rock headliners, sharing the same stage on one single summer tour, aptly named, Revolution 3 Tour — The Cult, BUSH, Stone Temple Pilots and even adding an opening act Julien-K provided even more excitement & value to North American concert-goers.

Opening act Julien-K began as a side project for members of Orgy along with founding member Anthony ‘Fu’ Valcic. Playing a short set, Julien-K closed their set with an industrial-inspired New Order cover, “Blue Monday”.

Julien-K Setlist

  • Strange Invisible
  • Dark Cadence
  • Photo Voltaire
  • Blue Monday (New Order cover)

Next were the Stone Temple Pilots with new singer Jeff Gutt, a runner-up on Season 3 of The X Factor.

WIth the classic song pedigree of STP,  it appeared the crowd were fully receptive to the frontman who exhibited a slight resemblance to the late great singer Scott Weiland (especially with sunglasses & hairstyle), with Billy Idol-esque ‘snear’ belting out radio classics such as, “Wicked Garden”, “Vasoline” and “Big Bang Baby”.

However, it was a bit unsettling and surreal when soundtrack song “Big Empty” from The Crow movie was performed, especially to the associated tragic deaths of both Weiland and actor Brandon Lee.

That said, STP’s DeLeo Brothers still know their way around a hook-filled song with “Roll Me Under” from their latest LP, “Pilot”.

Will STP catch lightning in a bottle twice? Time will tell.

STP Setlist

  • Wicked Garden
  • Vasoline
  • Big Bang Baby
  • Down
  • Big Empty
  • Plush
  • Meadow
  • Interstate Love Song
  • Roll Me Under
  • Dead & Bloated
  • Trippin’ on a Hole in a Paper Heart
  • Sex Type Thing


BUSH exploded onto the stage with “Everything Zen”, their first single from debut album “Sixteen Stones”.

With measured intensity, Gavin Rossdale & crew performed a setlist of well-known radio favorites to the standing room audience.

Touching upon popular songs such as “The Chemicals Between Us”, “The Sound of Winter”, “Machinehead”, “Swallowed”, and “Glycerine”.

As a daredevil feat, Rossdale rushed into the audience, furiously swamped into a wave of screaming, adoring fans.

Interestingly, BUSH also performed The Beatles, “Come Together”, reminiscent of Gary Clark Jr.’s Justice League soundtrack version, Rossdale & Crew cleverly made it their own fittingly into their setlist.

Finally, finishing off with “Little Things” and “Comedown”, it was astonishing how dominant BUSH was during radio’s alternative rock music heyday.

BUSH Setlist


Mystical rockers The Cult headlined the Toronto show, opening with blues, AC-DC, riff-heavy “Wild Flower”.

“Love” album favorite, “Rain” followed, much to the delight of many who danced to the New Wave dance party staple in the 80’s.

Continuing with lead singer Ian Astbury’s fascination with mystical iconography,  “Rise”, “Elemental Light” and “The Witch” flooded the audience with supernatural wizardry.

Rock radio staples, “Edie (Ciao Baby)”, “Sweet Soul Sister”, and breakthrough introductory single, “She Sells Sanctuary” solidified The Cult’s status as rock headliners.

Finishing off with “The Phoenix”, “Fire Woman”, and another riff-heavy classic, “Love Removal Machine”, the knowledge that The Cult are continuing to maintain their unique, unfiltered musical vision is a welcome comfort for rock music enthusiast.

The Cult Setlist

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