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TIFF 2015: The Studio District Film Party @ Hangloose Media (Sep 15, 2015)

Words: Sumona Roy          Images: HUMsandy

“HangLoose Media is truly more than just a studio; we encourage a diverse spectrum of artists to reach their highest potential,” says Sasha Crystal, owner and CEO of HangLoose Media. “We wholeheartedly support ACTRA’s inclusive mandate.”

One of the highlights of TIFF this year is the Studio District Party at HangLoose Media in Toronto’s east end.

Aside from celebration of the Canadian film industry, the event also focused on three (3) committees: the Diversity Committee, the Young Emerging Actors Assembly and the Toronto ACTRA Women’s Committee.

“We noticed that the under-heard voices within ACTRA actors are increasingly writing and producing their own stories,” say event organizers Sarena Parmar and Jackie English “This is an important step in the evolution of roles available for diverse, young and female actors.”

The Studio District Party aims to draw attention to the misrepresentation of women, and young and diverse performers in the media.

With an assemblage of incredible talent in attendance, the Canadian industry continues to impress in this country and  worldwide.

A very special thank you to Sarena, HangLoose Media, ACTRA and the incredible talent in attendance.

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