UPCOMING: SIAL 2023 – North America’s Largest Food Innovation Fair is Coming Back to Toronto! (May 9-11)

North America’s largest food innovation fair is coming back to Toronto May 9th-11th! 🚀

Over 20,000 agri-food professionals – including buyers, opinion leaders, CEOs, and young professionals – will gather at SIAL CANADA 2023 🍎, to connect, learn, and collaborate, while fueling innovation, unlocking business opportunities, and shaping the future of agri-food.

The La Cuisine by SIAL special event will feature renowned chefs who will revisit and interpret their vision of the theme, “Own the Change” for a sustainable future fueled by new ideas, creative solutions and world-changing innovations.

“Our relationship with food is changing and we are having to make new choices. There is an urgent need to re-think our relationship with agriculture and the transformation and distribution of products in order to deliver an experience that makes sense to consumers…”

Nicolas Trentesaux
CEO of SIAL Network

Register now and join the chefs in their 3 day workshops! Save 50% when using promo code: CHEFCO23

Visitor Registrations | SIAL Canada https://lnkd.in/e5c5jRew

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